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wenton - hoid melnd is dead (full album)

listen on bandcamp for 5 extra tracks: https://wenton.bandcamp.com/

7 xeysson 1 checkered iron knot

2 egging 2 egging\r

3 hoid melnd 3 hoid melnd\r

6 nasal hepatitis 4 norwegian passport\r

1 checkered iron knot 5 my rotting treehouse\r

9 cracker lullaby 6 nasal hepatitis\r

11 resolution 7 xeysson\r

4 norwegian passport 8 281 tri\r

5 my rotting treehouse 9 cracker lullaby\r

8 281tri 10 ambrosia\r

10 ambrosia 11 resolution

Winston Lee - KADINA Ft. Marlspak (Official Music Video)

Winston Lee - KADINA Ft. Marlspak (Official Music Video)

Written by: Winston Lee
Video: Jordan Dy
Assist: Michelle Dy
Please don't forget to subscribe to his channel
Inspired: "GREGOR" (Poison13)

Studio: Sanlumto records
Beat: Jkm beats

#Winstonlee #KADINA #abantilokal #dragonunit #jkmbeats #bc45 #longlive

Looking for: videographer or video editor?

just message
Jordan Dy

Special thanks:
South Style Clothing Depot
(TGP Oggie Roxas)
JOHN BENRO LAPUT : Bruh! you made this day perfect. We all knew this country isn't fair in giving justice, but the last line reminds us all that after all the imperfections of the law, there is still a Great Judge that has the power to free us, which is God. I love your song bruh!!! Keep Up!!
@Ram-raM :
ToLitsTV : Idol
JoeVine's Toy Paradise : solid jkm beats x Winston lee
Basher Forever TV : looya og kaigi..

Marco Antonio Barrera Vs Richie Wenton

Vacant WBO Super Bantamweight title.\r
Atlantic City, USA.\r
October 31, 1998.
Rivas Guerrero : Marco Antonio Barrera, digno representante de la escuela mexicana de boxeo. Inteligente estudio del rival para encaminarse a la victoria...
Kedbuka : Wenton fought hard against a prime Barrera. He's got nothing to be ashamed of--he tried like hell.
Jorge aguirre : PELEA COMPLETA muy buen triunfo del mexicano.Pongo al inicio pelea completa para diferenciar de esos que retacean los combates.¿Porque pasan fragmentos?Debemos tomar esta costumbre,asi en cuanto vemos,sabemos que vamos a disfrutar del espectaculo completo.Porteño Baires
jaraizac : Barrera became 2nd time super bantamweight champion in this fight, Wenton wasnt't in his league......
FRONT 242 : brave fighter wenton




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