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Mouse player in a controller game

Modern Warfare 2 Search and Destroy with the M13B.

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Skypad 3.0 - Use code JOLT for 10% off here:

M13 class setup: RF crown 50 (tuned for ADS Speed and Aiming Idle Stability), commando foregrip (tuned for ADS Speed and Aiming Idle Stability), VLK LZR 7MW.
I ran the larger barrel for some of these clips, but I like it more without the barrel. I think these three attachments will be what I rock for the future.

Outro music: Fallen Angel by Empires Will Fall
eefan : why do we do this to ourselves bro lmao
Mulberry : I always love watching Jolt shred with the M13
Nemsk : dude fking amazing gameplay as always, I absolutely love watching you play and shred with that M13!! random question but why use scorestreaks over killstreaks? is that preference or do you get some killstreaks faster with score?
Chris : Nice vid jolt as always ❤️
nitty : The movement is just so nice. I can’t help stay using KBM. Wish we got minor aim assist lmao.

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Sr. D : A strong independant womah!!! What a surprise!!!...
Ayoife Oni : I don't care whether this movie rocks or sucks, Kate is back and I'm definitely seeing it
Aurora Int. : Came back to say how much I absolutely loved this movie!!! ❤️ A perfect mix of strength and vulnerability. Kate did amazing!
D World : Always down for some Kate Beck in an action role! I really wish Marvel would find a long term role for her?
RedDead : This movie was fantastic and outrageously funny. If you enjoy things like Atomic Blonde or Crank or any of those kinds of movies you're going to have a great time with this. Some people want to say it's uninspired, but the fact is you don't watch any of these films for the plot you watch it for the entertainment value and excitement which it absolutely delivers on.

Episode #35 | "The Jolt Effect", How High Performers Overcome Customer Indecision with Matt Dixon

Customer indecision, it impacts every salesperson but the high performers have a strategy to get past it. Matt Dixon shares insights from his new book of the same title. You know Matt Dixon, he's the co-author of other blockbuster sales books including, "The Challenger Sale" and "The Challenger Customer." Join Matt as he shares insights you need on this episode of The Sales Hunter Podcast with Mark Hunter.
Scott Christmon : Very good conversation. I ordered the book. Something I’m dealing with my doctors when selling them on a new product. I look forward to getting the book.




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