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Construction Dewatering

Ronald Luo : Thank you for explained excellently.
Carmen Flores : Thanks for sharing, excellent explanation :)
Eng-Mohannad Alarjalawi : Thx alot it's so useful...
Simple to understand...
Keep going...
2016 Jaydev : Can someone tell me whether that pond 2:40 was used for dumping waste water from the construction site or the pond itself was the construction site?
Danbambino : great video. thank you

Dewatering Process

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Vraj Chauhan : Good work!!!
ŃÏŠHÄŤH ŤÀBÁSSÚM : Is this dewatering???

Dewatering 2/3

After rough grading the pond we were asked to come back and pump out any water that had collected over the summer. Another contractor had to come in and install the last few peices of inlet pipe below the current water level. In this video you will see how we filled the sump hole with water so that no sediment would be pulled in. This was critical as we were pumping directly into a manhole (and thus into a storm drain).
jix177 : Do you get much throughput with that gravel filter? (Looks like it could give a fair bit of resistance to a pump that size, especially as the silt infiltrates the gravel.)
jix177 : Ok. Yes that's a decent sized pump alright, 10 inch I think I heard you say. Wouldn't fancy starting it by hand! Biggest pump I ever had to swing by hand was a 6 inch and that nearly wore me out. Thanks for the great vids, always good footage and commentary, keep them coming. Cheers.
vantagetes : The majority took around a week and then we had to use smaller pumps to shuffle some of the water around (it was still coming in pretty strong in a few places).
Angela Magruder : Its a good way to help keep overflowing breakages since so many dams have been bteaking before anyone thought of ways to help or fix problem good engineering skills,thanks!!!!!!! Be blessed!!!!
vantagetes : It's 40mm wash rock so the water passes right through it without any trouble, also it's not completely covering the top of the screen filter on the pump. Either way that pump moves a scary amount of water!




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