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Fuji X100s in 2021 | How it Changes the Way I Shoot

In this video, I explain how the Fuji X100s makes me a better photographer.

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Michel : Cool Video Zach. Exactly how I shoot my X100T. Something liberating about this cameras and the ‚analog’ way you can use them.....Bonus: Batterie life .
Cheers from Switzerland
Andy Knott : And perhaps there is another reason. There is something about the look and feel of the X100S that brought back my love of photography. True if you put it on full auto it will take some great pictures, but put it on manual and you have to think, use your brain, experiment. In a time of lock down, when all I can do is walk the streets, what better camera.
Denzyl Ellery : thanks for this video! my x100f is being fixed right now, so excited to get it back and start shooting with it again.
Marktuyet : Reminds me of my old Yashica rangefinders . Excellent review !
Elias Österman : Excellent video mate! I am just thinking about buying this for my second camera, after X-H1 which is absolutely gorgeus also. However, I'd just love to have smaller and more compact camera that I can carry everyday.... I also shoot film so this would kinda fit for me

My Favorite Camera | Fujifilm X100S (2020)

My Favorite Camera | Fujifilm X100S

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Anna T : What size have the filters?
iCloutBoi : Does the camera have flash ?
c cristancho : Heeey I just saw the video and I found its the exactly the camera I am looking for. Only things its dificult to find, Do you think the X100 can have same performance, if not with reference can you sugest me. Thanks! Ciao from Malta.
VavasParadise : do i need a filter or can i shoote without?
lily who renegades : hey, the photos you showed at the start of the video demonstrating the filters are stunning. It’s the look i’m trying to achieve with my photos, I was wondering if any editing work was done to them, if so how you went about it? sorry for the long question ahaha

I just bought the original Fujifilm X100 - and it's stunning!

A short video about the original Fujifilm X100 which I have just bought. This is a short unboxing video where I explain why I purchased this rangefinder style camera, which is now 11 years old.

The Fujifilm x100 is a fantastic camera with a 12.3 megapixel sensor. It's this relatively low resolution (by today's standards) sensor that I want to use to create images for my new book I am currently shooting.
Stephan Paier : Man, you need help..... ;-)
Mark Holmes : If you keep going on like this, you will have soon spent as much, on all these old Fujifilm bodies, as that one x-e4 you were contemplating a few weeks back. ;)
Richard Wells : Great little camera I have Fujifilm x100S camera. The images straight out of camera are fantastic Brilliant for portrait photos. The built in flashlight works with the leaf shutter to produce stunning photos. Will never sell this camera.
Martin Johnston : I've bought a few times from MPB and the items have always been really first class. Never a nasty surprise opening those parcels!
themoolag : I love the "I saw it online" when you were demo-ing the af spots. Like a dad or uncle who's just learning to use a digital camera, not know ing you're a professional-ass photographer




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