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iHome iP9 Dual Alarm Radio Dock Speaker for iPhone

듀얼알람 기능으로 조용한 아침을 맞이하고\r
아이폰 충전이 가능한 독 스피커 \r
Dock Adjust를 조정하여 독커넥터 없이 거치가능!\r
Reason8 Sound Chamber 테크놀러지 기술을 통한 깊고 깨끗한 음질을\r
iHome 공식 수입원 - http://indigocube.co.kr (인디고큐브)
Bella Love : Great Review I was browsing through Amazon.com searching for The perfect docking station for my iPod touch. This really helped!
Thanks!! Btw, the songs playing in this video,could you tell me the name of it??
I was totally feeling the beat!!
Bella Love : I would like the name of the first song playing on the radio

[Lomanco] L'HOMME

[로만코 엘 옴므]

촉촉하게 젖은 흙내음.
새벽공기의 우디향이 마음을 깨웁니다.
오렌지빛으로 물든 시트러스한 향이 사랑하는 그를 떠올리게 합니다.
L'HOMME 만의 매력에 빠져보세요.


Le fer aiguise le fer !L'homme aiguise l'homme ! | Sacred Son Europe

“During @sacredsons events, for those who wish, there is a possible physical meeting called Sacred Combat.

Iron Sharpens Iron ⚔️

That's what happened with my friend Matt, aka Bear and I.

The fight ends and I crack.

I'm breaking down emotionally because Sean, the Japanese-born facilitator asks me this question: "Did you often cash in your life or, did you remain stoic when there was injustice, a word that had not been respected?

He hit the nail on the head!

I will then have to overcome a wall of limitations and voices in my head, embodied by a group of brothers...

In order to achieve my most powerfully grounded version, embodied by my Hawaiian brother P.J, whom I chose, a veteran of Afghanistan.

I give everything I have in a mixture of rage, sadness, liberation and of course joy.

To reach P.J who embodies my new self, I am surrounded loved is accompanied by a group of brothers.

Thanks. Thanks Sean. Thanks Bear. Thanks P.J. Thank you all. Thanks to me!!

It's time to release those emotions, those resentments, those regrets, those frustrations that are rotting inside of us.

So as not to splash those we love.

It is time to transmute, to transcend, to transform this suffering in a healthy way, in a benevolent setting, accompanied by facilitators and aligned mentors.”

- @jayro

Join us as our tour across Europe continues!

Immersion Amsterdam
July 23 - 24

Immersion Milan
July 30 - 31

Immersion London
August 6 - 7

EMX Portugal
August 18 - 21

Learn more and register today at


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